Alina Sava

Selbstständig (self-employed)
web/digital designer & developer
based in Berlin, Germany


Twitter: AlinaCSava
Makerlog: alina
BuyMeACoffee: alina

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web designer since 2007
(self-employed since 2013)

Experienced with:
· web/digital design
· HTML/CSS (including advanced CSS3)
· WordPress (including development, Customizer)

Current workflow:
PHP Storm/WebStorm + CodeKit + Git
For graphic work: Adobe CC (Illustrator, Photoshop), Sketch

Limited experience with:
· typeface design (FontSelf)
· JavaScript
· using a graphic tablet
· Sublime Text (2014-2016)
· Creating Tumblr theme (2014)
· iOS app design (2009-2010)
· print/editorial design (2007-2008)

As hobby, experimenting with photo manipulation and game modding.