This is me opening what I want to be a series of photography blog posts. I've been thinking for a couple of years about getting a good beginner camera, but only recently actually did that.

For me it's not only about trying to capture moments I see, but also a way to cope with a crippling anxiety of being even in semi-crowded places.

What really set me up in motion to actually purchase a Canon EOS 2000D was visiting very dear friends in Avignon a month ago. One of them, Andrei is an experienced photographer, a real pleasure to accompany in long walk photo sessions.

Now, you're going to completely hate me for this, but my first blog post will have photos taken with my crappy iPhone SE. Because I had a fatal issue with my old camera on day 1, the phone is all I had.

The photos have not been edited in any way, this is how they came out of my phone.

Please don't judge me on this humble neophyte beginning. Avignon is a magical place.

Avignon Part 2 — Palais des Papes
Avignon Part 3 — Center