Easy Digital Downloads has as default "downloads", but you can change that to "products" or "comic-books" or whatever else fits your shop better.

For example for my project Visual Coffee I changed it to "blog-kits".

How to change the slug

To replace the default Easy Digital Downloads slug with a custom one, add the following code snippet in your theme's functions.php file:

/* Change products slug from the default "downloads" */

if ( !defined( 'EDD_SLUG' ) ) {
    define( 'EDD_SLUG', 'blog-kits' );

Replace blog-kits with your desired slug. After this, re-save your permalinks in Settings → Permalinks. This will flush the rewrite rules, and will prevent getting page not found errors after the slug is changed.

Displaying the custom slug in breadcrumbs

EDD_SLUG does what its name says, it changes the slug, so it will only affect the URLs. You'll notice that breadcrumbs will still display the default "Downloads" in the path.

To match the breadcrumbs path with the slug, in Yoast SEO's settings go to Search Appearance → Content Types tab and add the desired name in the "Breadcrumb settings for Downloads archive" option.