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It's food for thought with the potential of being helpful. Served in time-saving compact 1 paragraph doses. No cheap internet philosophies here, fabricated quotes or pretentiousness.

Last update 01 August 2020 // added #12

  1. Your time and your mind are the most valuable things, limited and non-refundable. Think n times (where n ≥ 2) on what you spend them.
  2. "I used to be better at X" is a fallacy just like "good old days". We're never better in the past. We learn, we evolve, we get more experienced, and if you'd see your past self now, you'd realize how much we romanticize. Present you is the best you so far.
  3. Don't change your mind based solely on moments. Make decisions about a person based on that's person's behavior over time, not just one moment. Nobody is pure gold or pure crap, we all have good and bad. Pay attention to what that person does most often, not just his/her high and low points.
  4. Always go to the root cause of any problem. Don't rush into saying "I need a break from this", dig deeper, see if that's the cause or just a consequence of something else. Not going to the root cause means the fix you'll apply will not work, giving you the impression that you didn't do the right thing.
  5. Putting yourself out there is not the solution for everything. Some things are better done introspectively.
  6. It's not about hyping up the team from time to time, it's about consistency. Hyping up is a cheap trick, it won't yield the results you want. Even if you're a 1 person team.
  7. You don't have to ask you teammates how they are/feel to show you're a team player. Just like in a good friendship, a good team is a team where you know everybody else cares without doing the small talk.
  8. Think at least twice where you went wrong. Sometimes even when you realize you got things wrong, you can mistake where.
  9. Words just acknowledge a problem. Only actions fix it.
  10. Don't ignore your shortcomings. Work with them. None of us is perfect.
  11. Stop shifting responsibility to abstract concepts or generic terms like "life". If something bad happened it's because a human chose to inflict pain, if something good happened it's because a human chose to make that happen. It's long overdue we took responsibility for our actions and stop blaming it on non-existent grand schemes.
  12. Don't try to imitate other people's success stories. There is no recipe. Everything is a sum of so many random factors that it's impossible to establish something guaranteed to work, even in similar environments. Instead learn from everything you experience or read, and develop your own way. A way based on your mindset, your skills, your rhythm, your location, and your circumstances.

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— Your mind coffee brewer, Alina