is a personal project I launched in August 2018. It's a typography website with a focus on web typography and high quality free fonts. It also includes articles and news.

I designed and developed the website, created the logo and preview images for fonts and articles. I also write.

[More details soon. Until then, please feel free to visit the website.]

Project Status
ongoing since August 2018
Project Type
Personal project
My work
Design, Logo, Development, WordPress

Preview images don't do justice for a website.
Please follow the links to experience the projects in action, judge code quality, see the full content etc. Thanks!

Selected personal projects

Fonts ArenaProject type

Brutalist ThemesDesign, Logo, Development, WordPress

Glam InkDesign, Logo, Development, WordPress

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WPCrumbsDesign, Logo, Content

Crafted PixelsDesign, Development, WordPress