I created Glam.Ink in 2017 as a WordPress themes shop niched on minimalist design. The shop included a total of 10 themes: 7 commercial themes and 3 free themes approved in the repo.

It was listed as official commercial themes provider in the Directory.

Project Status
Sold February 2018
(acquired by AlienWP)
Project Type
Self-initiated project / Creator & Owner
My work
  1. Logo
  2. Web Design
  3. Development / WordPress
  4. Creating shop products (themes)
  5. Writer

Below are small previews of the 7 commercial themes created by me. The Glam Ink website does not exist anymore, but the products were merged into AlienWP after sale, so you can see the theme demos there.

The 7 themes are:

  1. Vigga
  2. Traveller
  3. Scandinavia
  4. Hagen
  5. Spice
  6. Eline
  7. Keiko