WPCrumbs.com is a content website, a WordPress-niched blog with articles, tutorials and snippets. I was co-owner and one of the 2-person team that created the project.

Development, server stuff and most of the tutorials were done by George Jipa. We also created two themes that were accepted in the WordPress.org official repo

Project Status
Sold November 2017
Project Type
My work
I designed the logo, the website, created the article illustrations design system, and also wrote a few articles.

Below are a few illustrations from the design system I created. Preview images don't do justice for a website. Please follow the links to experience the projects in action, judge code quality, see the full content etc. Thanks!


Samples from the articles illustrations.


Selected personal projects

Fonts ArenaProject type

Brutalist ThemesDesign, Logo, Development, WordPress

Glam InkDesign, Logo, Development, WordPress

Freebies CafeDesign, Logo, Content

WPCrumbsDesign, Logo, Content

Crafted PixelsDesign, Development, WordPress