About Mind Coffee

It's food for thought with the potential of being helpful. Served in time-saving compact 1 paragraph doses. No cheap internet philosophies here, fabricated quotes or pretentiousness.

Last update 01 August 2020

  1. Your time and your mind are the most valuable things, limited and non-refundable. Think n times (where n ≥ 2) on what you spend them.
  2. "I used to be better at X" is a fallacy just like "good old days". We're never better in the past. We learn, we evolve, we get more experienced, and if you'd see your past self now, you'd realize how much we romanticize. Present you is the best you so far.
  3. Don't change your mind based solely on moments. Make decisions about a person based on that's person's behavior over time, not just one moment. Nobody is pure gold or pure crap, we all have good and bad. Pay attention to what that person does most often, not just their high and low points.
  4. Always go to the root cause of any problem. Dig deeper, see if that's the cause or just a consequence of something else.