I wanted my first post to be something different, but given that I haven't had a blog in over 9 years (with the exception of a culinary one where I posted <10 times), I thought I start slow and see if I can articulate my brain activity.

This won't be a coherent article, just an equivalent of a mic test with random trivia.

  • Over time I regretted about 10 thousand times not having a work-related blog to record solutions and struggles and interesting things I stumbled upon.
  • I don't have a logo/symbol to identify myself (yet), but my website comes close to a personal identity. As of May 2019 I have a personal monogram.
  • I don't have a favorite color, but a favorite duo. I love the black/white contrast not only in design, but also in photography and everyday things. I find it soothing, and it brings me balance.
  • I like simplicity and clarity, functionality, well balanced white-space, and good typography.
  • Planning to move to Sweden, because I already subscribe to a lagom lifestyle. (+ because fika, aurora borealis, climate, landscape, recycling, attitude towards the English language, etc).